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ZFDC Write Protect Issues

I have constructed the ZFDC board and have begun testing with both a 3.5" and 5.25" drive.

The drives are the ones John uses in his writeup - the Teac FD235 and the 55BR

During tests, both drives seek and step just fine, but the problem occurs when I choose 01 Set Drive format.   The Write Protect led immediatley comes on and if I try to format the disk I receive the write protect error. 

A little history -

My CPU is a Compupro CPU-Z and does not use high address for port addressing.  i have tied pin 19 low into the low order address logic to allow for proper board port addressing.

Other boards:

Dual IDE CF working normally
Compupro Ram 17
Compupro System Support !

Any and all suggestions to approach this are appreciated.