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Re: Propeller console IO board

Hi Dave, 

thanks for the pointer, I did not know this. Interesting that we actually reach the same conclusions... that said, I am still wondering the approach to take : either 1) we are focusing on increasing the resolution and we will accept some tradeoffs regarding number of colors, attributes, etc or 2) we stick to 80x25 but enrich it with colors, underscore, etc etc. I feel option 2 looks finally better also for compatibility reasons, not sure how many CP/M programs will accommodate resolutions above 80x25. Ditto for DOS when I have a MSDOS board working in my system. 

thoughts ? 


Le dimanche 22 mars 2015 02:54:17 UTC+1, yoda a écrit :
Hi Philippe 

Are you using Kuroneko's driver from the propeller forum:  http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.php/138654-FYI-VGA-100xH-P-dual-cog-per-cell-colour-(full-indexed) ?  I believe he has a 1 byte per character attribute setup already.  If so that is where I was planning to start so maybe we can collaborate on getting this going.


On Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 4:40:16 PM UTC-5, Philippe Elie wrote:
Hi folks,

I started tweaking a bit the Propeller code, to get a bit more familiar with the architecture. To get the underscore working is not as easy as it seems, snce there is no available bit as this is done for the inverse video mode. To do this, I think we need to review the way the color table is implemented (currently one color scheme per row, ie a table containing x rows * one 16 bit word that stores the color foreground/background code for the entire row).

I started to modify the source, first of all to get used to the compile/flash EEPROM but this looks fairly straightforward.Memory seems limited, making color 1024x768 impossible with one byte status per character. 

I was able to get a 100x50 chars (800x600 pixels) display, and changed the definition of the color table so that it is declared as one byte coding each character displayed. 8 bits may be enough to code the underline status, as well as individual color scheme. 

below a picture of my first attempt to change the color and resolution of the screen - the easy part ! - now I will have to dig into the assembler code... saw the code is split into 2 cogs, and the 12 lines that build up a character are scanned by the 2 cogs in parallel.... ouch... 

will keep you guys posted if I achieve something useful...

Le vendredi 13 mars 2015 16:07:38 UTC+1, hl...@aol.com a écrit :
Hi all,

Just finished the propeller console IO board and I have it running with the 8080A CPU board with Josh's rev 2.4 ROM. I downloaded the firmware to run the screen and keyboard as a VT100 terminal. That works pretty well but some of the ESC codes for screen control don't work. Has anyone done any more programming through Parallax on the .spin programs?

Just curious.