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An S100 Bus to IBM-PC ISA Bus converter board.

This is another S100 board that has a very long history. Andrew and I did some 6 prototypes over the years!

This is a board that can be used to utilize IBM PC/AT ISA bus  boards in the S100 bus.  I have used it principally to construct and debug various ISA VGA video boards.   However it can be used for other boards as well such as serial, parallel I/O boards etc.  It will not work with ISA boards that require DMA or Interrupt requests.  It's primary use is to checkout MSDOS software with PC hardware.

Please note this is a highly experimental board and definitely not of general interest.  I contains some 6 GALS (22V10's)  that allow a large amount of inter-bus signal arrangements.  Please see here for a brief summary/description of the board:-


Anyway I'm about to send off an order (to Advance Circuits), for one or two boards for my future use, these will be boards without gold plated S100 bus connections -- since the board will only be used occasionally. 

I’m surprised with the response for the MSX – VDP video board (I thought only a few would want one) so just in case some S100 bus die-hards would like a copy of this board please let me know ASAP.  This is definitely going to be a one-time order.  Attached is a picture of the board in KiCAD.

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