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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5357] An S100 Bus to IBM-PC ISA Bus converter board.

Hi John. The usual 3x for me too, please.
Won't be at the top of my to do list, but it will become useful in time, I'm sure of it.


On Oct 10, 2014 10:39 PM, "monahanz" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:
This is another S100 board that has a very long history. Andrew and I did some 6 prototypes over the years!

This is a board that can be used to utilize IBM PC/AT ISA bus  boards in the S100 bus.  I have used it principally to construct and debug various ISA VGA video boards.   However it can be used for other boards as well such as serial, parallel I/O boards etc.  It will not work with ISA boards that require DMA or Interrupt requests.  It's primary use is to checkout MSDOS software with PC hardware.

Please note this is a highly experimental board and definitely not of general interest.  I contains some 6 GALS (22V10's)  that allow a large amount of inter-bus signal arrangements.  Please see here for a brief summary/description of the board:-


Anyway I'm about to send off an order (to Advance Circuits), for one or two boards for my future use, these will be boards without gold plated S100 bus connections -- since the board will only be used occasionally. 

I’m surprised with the response for the MSX – VDP video board (I thought only a few would want one) so just in case some S100 bus die-hards would like a copy of this board please let me know ASAP.  This is definitely going to be a one-time order.  Attached is a picture of the board in KiCAD.

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