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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6769] FP mini continued experiments

AFAIK, Josh is the only one I've heard that has a fully functional FPmini.
He has a hacked up beta board working. Mine operates except for the Deposit
function. To be honest I haven't spent the needed time to debug.

I've only tested with Josh's 8080 board. I was hoping to give it a try on some
different hardware configurations to see if it behaves differently. Maybe we should
create a new group for front panel discussions. It would be great to
have a common collaboration spot so were not searching through this group and
emails. I suppose the N8VEM PBworks site would be best for now but I don't
think everyone has write access. I'm open to ideas.

On 04/20/15 10:48 PM, Ian McLaughlin wrote:
Hello all,

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down in front of my machine to try to debug the issues I'm having with the FP mini I recently built.

As a recap, I've got the FP mini installed in a Northstar Horizon that is otherwise fully functional.  Basically, the FP Mini is not working correctly at all in this configuration.  The only function that works is the Examine function.  I can successfully load an address, and examine it.  I can manually change the address and examine other memory locations, and consistently get the correct values.  All other functions (examine next, deposit, deposit next) give me nonsense results.

Tonight, I was working on an unrelated project - restoring a California Computer Systems 6116 16k RAM board.  Without boring you with the restoration details, I have a single 4K bank currently working (burning in the 2114 RAM chips a few at a time).  I thought I'd give the FP mini a try with this board.  I have more functionality!  I can Examine and Deposit successfully now!  Examine Next and Deposit Next are still giving me nonsense values (random addresses), but this is very encouraging!

The difference?  The Northstar was originally running with a Northstar HRAM 64k dynamic RAM board, which has never given me any issues.  Now I'm using a CCS 16k Static RAM board.  I'm wondering if it's a static-vs-dynamic thing.  Anyone else running the FP mini in a dynamic RAM machine?

The list has been quiet about the FP mini recently.  I'd like to hear how everyone else is doing - does anyone else have more functionality than this?



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