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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6636] S100 Breakout Board - Version 3

Looks nice Don, but you need to stretch out the probe signals with 74LS123’s otherwise the H of  L will not be clear/stable.  Take a look at the circuit here:-



Actually if you had time converting it into a true extender board would be the best of both worlds (but a lot of work!)






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What do you think about this new version of the breakout board?
I doubled the number of test pads and added six built in logic probes.
You can monitor up to six signals with the 7 segment LED showing
H (High) or L (Low). To monitor a signal you place a jumper from the
signal post to a bus pin.

I tried to use a simple logic probe design to conserve on board space.
Design uses 7404. I'm open for suggestions to improve probe circuit.

Thank you.

Don Caprio

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