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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2486] Re: New version of S-100 Bus "MSDOS Support board"

OK Neil, since there is a ground swell for this board, why don’t you organize a “group purchase”. I will join in,  taking 3 if need be 4 boards.

A few things:-

The V2-prototype schematic has gone back to Andrew for a few very minor tweaks.

Should take no more than a week or two to come out optimized.

Can you work with Andrew then on putting together an “order package”.

Let me/us know how you would like to handle things.


Finally as always, I would like to point out  there is always risk in getting a dud (or more lightly) incapacitated board due to some screw-up either here or elsewhere.  Very rare, but anybody that cannot live with that should wait for the next round.  The V2 prototype schematic in on the web page. I will publish the final updated version when Andrew splices the changes in.

Everybody should look at it in case something is overlooked.


Thanks for stepping up to the plate.






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 I'm still considering hosting a group buy for the DOS support boards. It looks however that several people who had expressed interest in that purchase are hoping to pick up boards on the smaller run Andrew and John are planning; as I don't want to end up with a pile of boards I can't use I want to make sure we coordinate this.


I know Andrew would prefer a member to organize this purchase, I'll organize it. Please look for a new thread covering this group purchase.


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