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New version of S-100 Bus "MSDOS Support board"

Back over 2 years ago Andrew and I put together an S100 bus “MSDOS Support board”.  This board was designed to allow one to run Microsoft’s MSDOS (V4.10) right out of the box utilizing common hardware/configuration etc. found in a PC and our 8088/8086/80286 family of CPU boards.

The board has proven to be very popular and reliable.  Over 20 boards were already made and distributed to users.  I decided to add a few small changes to the board to improve its functionality. We are calling this board theV2-MSDOS Support Board.  The changes include:-

1.  Add a HolTek HT6542 PC keyboard controller chip to allow a MSDOS keyboard and mouse connection  

2.  Replace the RTC with a chip that utilizes a separate battery for future replacements/availability

3. Optimize the board layout and traces so the overall lengths are shorter and more reliable

 4. Remove the S100 bus extra wait state circuit

 5.  Label the board jumper options on the board better.

A brief description of the V2 board can be found here:-

http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/MSDOS%20Board/MSDOS%20Board.htm#V2  MS_DOS Support

(Bottom of the page).

It’s unclear what the interest is in people obtaining a “commercial style” bare board like this. I will definitely be getting 3 for myself. If you absolutely need one sooner rather than later let Andrew know we can include you in the early “first batch”.   Otherwise stay tuned for a later group purchase by (hopefully) a group member that will organize a larger purchase - at a lower price.