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Re: FP Mini Complete build kit Available

Hi Don,
Please put me down for 1 kit also.

On Sunday, August 31, 2014 9:59:20 AM UTC+10, Don Caprio wrote:
Some builders have expressed interest in a complete component kit for the
FPMini board.

I'm making available a complete kit (less PCB and switches) for $60.00
plus $5 shipping.

Includes everything!  I know most of you have most of this stuff on your
bench so
please don't ask for substations or omissions.

Can it be done cheaper? Probably if I used multiple sources and larger
As it is I'm sourcing from three vendors. It's more of a convenience
thing. You want it?
I'll ship with your PCB and once it arrives no waiting for nothing. You
can hit the bricks running.

DISCLAIMER: This only makes sense if I do at least ten or more kits.

Don Caprio