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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4435] Re: ALTAIR/IMSAI 8080 CPU replacement board

Look real nice Josh! I’m in Greece at the moment and won’t be back until mid-July.  I have found that sending money via PayPay from an overseas location for a US account is essentially impossible – or takes forever, could you hold my two until I get back to the US.  Sorry about the delay



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Hi Guys,

The 8080A CPU boards are here!  They look good!  I'll put one together soon, for now I'm still working from the prototype to make firmware. 

Cost of boards are $20 each (CPU or Prototype board).
Shipping options are:
-USA Shipping (sending next week)
  -Flat pack $5 for 2 boards, $7 for 3  (boards wrapped in construction paper and shipping tape).
  -Flat rate medium box, for $12.35 (up to 9 boards)

-Canada shipping  -can ship Wednesday, no shipping on Canada day (Tomorrow)
  -to US $7 for 2 boards, $9 for 3 boards

  -Fabio, to Italy, $16 for 3 boards.

  -Malcolm, send me your address, I'll get a rate for you.

Please see list below for orders received, feel free to change quantities.
Please send me a direct email to the following encrypted (remove the numbers) email.
Please send PayPal payment (use the Send money to Friends option) to this email address.
Let me know your shipping preference.

Orders received:

Malcolm Macleod         (1) CPU board  + LM323K's
Fabio Battaglia               (3) CPU boards
Matthew Turner                (2) CPU boards  (You can pick up boards when you come visit this summer)
Tom Lafleur              (2) CPU boards + LM323K's
John Monahan          (2) CPU boards + LM323K's
Rich Cini                  (2) CPU boards
Paul Birkel             LM323K's
Edward Snider                 (2) CPU boards
Brian Marstella               (1) CPU board + (1) Prototyping board (sea-o-pth)
Thierry Schembri              (1) CPU board
Jeff Galinat                  (2) CPU boards
Todd Goodman          (3) CPU boards + LM323K's
Rob Doyle                     (1) CPU board
Gary Kaufman                  (2) CPU boards
Jack Rubin                    (1) CPU board   (I can bring board to VCF-MW in September, OK?)
Leon Byles                    (1) CPU board
Pete Plank                    (1) CPU board

There were 5 orders for LM323K TO-3 voltage regulators, I only have 15 available for sale but 4 are pull's.
I will give them a quick test to be sure they are working.  I think it's only fair to split them up equally in the group.
3 regulators each.  Please include $2 for each ($6 total).  I don't know yet how it will affect shipping cost (Flat rate medium box obviously won't be affected).  Since I don't want to go back and forth to the post office, I'll ship them and request the difference later.  Paul Birkel, since you're only buying LM323K's, kindly include $5 for shipping and we can balance the difference later, ok?

Finally, see below for a picture of the blank board.

PS. Note, the 8080A chip is the only chip with pin 1 to the right.
Also, you do not need to install all the 1488, 1489 chips.  By installing only B3 & C2, the serial ports will work TX/RX, RTS/CTS.  If you need DTR and/or DSR, install A2 and/or C3.  A2 will also give modem signals (DCD & RI) to COM1.  B2 is for Modem signals to COM2.  There are 2 connectors for the serial ports.  Top is 1:1 and bottom is IDC.  This should accommodate the majority of RS-232 connectors with ribbons.  If need be, you can cut all the traces between these two connectors on the bottom.  Most of the driver/receiver chips are traced to the IDC connector from the top of the board.  Then you can install your own jumper wires to configure the 1:1 header to your own needs. 
Use open frame sockets for 8250's, so you can hide a decoupling capacitor beneath the chip.

Josh Bensadon



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