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Re: Compact Flash CP/M3 image?

Hi All,
Having got as far as I had with the LBA and Compact Flash CP/M boot I kind of documented to where I got to and then stopped.
The reason being was that I wanted to move on with doing a banked mode CP/M 3.0 implementation, but then realised that it would be worth waiting
for the MSDOS card with a RTC so that file time stamps could be implemented, as such my CP/M image (non banked) just boots to a command prompt, no utilities have been loaded into the image yet.
As the MSDOS board is due any day now, I will hopefully soon carry on from where I left off.
Having made all my excuses :-)
I welcome others to look over what I have uploaded to my N8VEM user folder relating to how I have implemented LBA and pull it apart if need be to get to a common standard and set of basic CF card images that can get new users up and running.
In particular, is the translation of CHS values to LBA correct?,  I think it is but not 100% sure there is some conflicting info on the web.
comments and feedback welcome
David fry
On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 3:17:51 AM UTC+1, gek...@gmail.com wrote:
I finally was able to boot to a monitor tonight, and appear to have a working Z80 CPU/SRAM/Propeller I/O/Serial and SMB system <GRIN>

I'm anxious to play, but don't want to wait for a working floppy system.

Would anyone with a working system be willing to duplicate up two "bootable" Compact Flash cards for me?

I'd be happy to send along the CF along with a self addressed stamped mailer for the return trip - and even toss in a few goodies as a thanks.

- Gary