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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4122] Re: Compact Flash CP/M3 image?

Another approach might be to put the cpm "install" files on a far inside track on the cf card way out of the cpm range. Use a special IDE program to load them for a cpm install. This is what I did way back when we had only a one card board to backup cpm.
On a PC it would be a second partition.

Btw the original reason for the "holes" was to have the cf card disk parameter table the same as a Seagate  hard drive I had at the time - nothing more. The problem is now I would have to go back and update all my old floppy disks.

John Monahan (mon...@vitasoft.org)

On Jun 11, 2014 9:52 AM, "yoda" <yo...@r2d2.org> wrote:
Yes - but an 8MB CF image can contain a lot of files - so it would probably be prudent to build a good starter set as a master image - basic files like assembler standard files shipped from Digital Research (Format, PIP, etc) in User 0, different editors (Vedit, Wordstar and all customization files) in user 1, Languages (c, basic, pascal, etc) in user 1 and so forth.  A compressed 8MB image is going to be tiny to download and then use an image writer (for windows) or dd (if you have Mac or Linux) to transfer to CF card.  Put it in A drive and a blank in B and then build the system you want from the master.  So once we commit to a standard format it will be easy to build this (especially if we use a format that is compatible with cpmtools).  The current format is not compatible because of the holes though I have made it work by creating a master image then using dd with offset  to re-create the holes on the CF card (it is really a hack).


On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 7:56:00 AM UTC-5, gek...@gmail.com wrote:
Wouldn't it be possible to create a "minimal" image that used only a small portion of most any CF disk - then use that to boot, and copy the system and files to a new "freshly formatted" CF in the other slot.  That's all a person would need to be up and running easily.

- Gary

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