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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2445] Re: Board Run: Unbuffered Prototyping

* Crusty OMO <crus...@hotmail.com> [140220 21:45]:
> Thanks Todd,
> I've also got the option to ship from the US, I live 90 minutes from the border and cross every 2 or 3 months.
> I like the size of the unbuffered prototype board, but I also like having the Address, Data In/Out chips. 
> I'm thinking of adding those buffer chips to the Unbuffered board, but doing so only along the very bottom so they don't take up much space.
> Any objections?
> It will take me a bit more time, as I'm just trying to learn KiCad.  I don't really want to go through using a schematic and rats nest.  It's not that complicated of a board to build... but I'm not sure how to switch KiCad into "Manual".   I feel like I'm in a rush, and that's not a fun way to learn a new program.
> But now for the good news, I talked with my guy here and he will make the boards for me at $20, quantity 100.  
> I'm ok for this quantity, there's a demand for about 25 now, and I'm sure the rest will sell over the next few years.
> Regards,
> Josh

Just keep it in mind as an option if it makes sense for you.

I don't have any objections to having them and no hurry on my part
either (so take a breath and relax while you learn KiCad.)

Good news!