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Re: Group order for S100 V2 80286 Master/Slave CPU Board

John / Paul,,
have a look at the attached datasheets, looks like Siemens did faster versions of the 80288 and 80284 support IC's.
Would they work on our 80286 boards at maybe 16Mhz~ 20Mhz  with a 20Mhz CPU?
David Fry

On Saturday, April 26, 2014 6:58:19 PM UTC+1, monahanz wrote:

Hi everyone,


I'm going to quickly do a “Production”  run of the V2-80286 Master/Slave CPU board.  This is a rework and upgrade of the original 80286 board.  The differences/improvements are listed towards the bottom of this page.




This is a fairly complex board and probably not for some to start with in the 16 bit S100 arena.  However it may be some time until we do another run.


I will be traveling (again) soon, so I would like to get the order out early next week. Please let me know if you would like one or more boards (via e-mail to monahan AT vitasoft.org). 


Also please it is lightly we will be below the normal number of boards (20) to get the low $33 price, could be 2X that.  If that is a problem let me know.



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