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scsi2ide-0111 firmware build added to ubios


I have added a build for scsi2ide firmware to the ubios and posted the build
in the ubios sources folder.


This build places the scsi2ide firmware (binary) in the rom folder and it is called scsi2ide.rom.

Please be aware that this is very fresh (experimental). I posted this so scsi2ide builders that want
to leverage off my SDCC and UBIOS work can get started setting up your ubios build environment.

The posted has minimal code (more an example than tested code) to initialize the uart and
send out a startup message. I suspect the baud rate setup is wrong. That is the first thing I
will be working on. 

I will be debugging the firmware today and have more to say and updated source shortly.

This was the perfect opportunity to actually use the ubios framework for some actual
development as the sbccv2, n8  and baseline targets are not ready yet.



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Douglas Goodall

"Did Goloka think the Ulus
were too ugly to save?"