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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4625] Very minor 8088 monitor bug

Thanks for pointing that out Gary, will incorporate correction  in the next update.




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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:4625] Very minor 8088 monitor bug


Extremely minor bug:

IDE_SIGNON3    Option "X" appears twice (copy A->B should be "Y").

It might cause somewhat trouble, if they accidentally select "X" to copy disks and end up over-writing.

DB    'E=Clear Sec Buff  F=Format Disk     I=Next Sec   J=Previous Sec',CR,LF
        DB    'L=Set LBA Value   N=Power Down      O=Disk ID    Q=LBA Display Test',CR,LF
        DB    'R=Read Sector     S=Seq Sec Rd      U=Power Up   V=Read N Sectors',CR,LF
        DB    'W=Write Sector    X=Write N Sectors Y=Copy A->B  Z=Verify A=B',CR,LF
        DB    '(ESC) Back to Main Menu',CR,LF
        DB    LF,'Current settings:- $'

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