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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6325] Meanwell QP-200F Power Supply

On S100 bus power supplies, unless you are extremely energy conscious it’s easier to supply S100 bus motherboards with 8V and 16V switching power supplies rather than 5V & 12V and pulling each and every voltage regulator on every S100 board.   A suggested source is here:-



there are countless others.  I would also be careful getting a “cheap” 5V unit. If the is a glitch to a higher voltage, there goes each and every board in your S100 box if you don’t have a V regulator on each board.





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I have noticed several folks are using the Meanwell QP-200F PSU, recently.  I looked it up, and it is a bit expensive, but it appears to be much smaller than my current 8/16vdc pair of units.  I assume that the unit can be adjusted for the proper voltages?  Do folks who have them think they're worth the money?



- Alex

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