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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4403] S100 68K issue

Hi John

Yes I think we need to get this resolved quickly before we do another round of boards.  I did find in Wilcox's book on page 331 that the chips should be schottky devices which would be U38 and U42 which I have replaced with 74F series - the prop console works but I would not say reliably yet.  I am putting it back on the logic analyzer now.  I also notice compared to that diagram the pWR* path has an extra inverter in it which would cause and extra 7-10 ns delay which may be stretching pWR* out maybe too far.  I want to compare to Z80 board after I take another snapshot on the analyzer - I think pWR* is getting delayed too long.  The circuit you are thinking of in the next post is the one that generates A0 from LDS and uses an RC circuit on one of the legs - that seems to be working ok as the address lines look solid.  I will continue digging and let you know - think we should delay the 68K board until after you get back.  Have a fun vacation


On Saturday, June 28, 2014 6:06:41 PM UTC-5, monahanz wrote:

Dave I have not had a problem with that board with the Propeller Console IO board at all. Have not run it with the IDE board. That said I could only get about 6MHz out of a 10Hz chip. I know Todd is about to order another batch, we should resolve this ASAP
I'm MIA for two weeks unfortunately

John Monahan (mon...@vitasoft.org)

On Jun 28, 2014 3:32 PM, "yoda" <yo...@r2d2.org> wrote:

Wondering if people have been using the 68K board.   I think I have timing issue because pWR* is going HI at the same time the data is being released.  You can see this in attached LA capture.  I think that is why I am not getting characters from the prop console and probably explains why I have not gotten reliable data from the IDE card either.  The dual serial card and memory work just fine.  I have tried different clocks as well - this one is at 2MHz so that should not be the issue.  Was wondering if someone had seen this and resolved.  I will dig through the schematics and the Wilcox book as well.  I think once I have this resolved, I can get CP/M 68K going.

Thanks in advance


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