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Z-80 board question...

Hi again,

I am all but finished with my Z-80 V2 construction. All the parts save one resistor network and a few jumpers (I think that is what they are) have been installed. Once the remaining resistor network arrives, that too will be installed. I have not yet installed the ICs in their sockets, I want to install the board into a backplane (when I get it) first and power it up to make sure nothing smokes.  I even modified the voltage regulator heat sink as described in John's web site so that it will clear the card guides.

Any way, to my question. I have installed all of the two pin jumpers that are labeled as "J" with a number. My question is about the things labeled with a "K", which seem to be 3 X 1 pin headers, and those things labeled with a "P", which are 2 X something headers. I want to make sure that they are headers rather than some sort of plug (my mind would say "P" for "Plug". Of course my mind has been officially recognized as strange by family and friends...)

Any way, I understand that this project comes with little or no hand holding and I went into it knowing that. I just want to be sure that I am using the right part before I solder it in, 'cause it is a PIA to remove anything once soldered.

Thank you in advance!