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Re: Z-80 board question...

Hi Again

Thank you very much for the tips. I found the jumper table on John's really neat website. I have spent many hours there, and still discover new and important information every time I visit. And all I really do there is look at the "New Boards" section that deals with the N8VEM boards. (Those are all that I am using at the moment, so as to minimize compatibility issues.) Some day, I might get a vintage audio synthesizer board if I can find one, but that will probably be the only non N8VEM board I ever get. I would like to eventually get an 8" floppy drive set up if there are any left that work, but that might just have to be one of those 'ship has already sailed' instances, where there are simply none to be had. (Try finding core memory boards for a PDP-8e and you will know what I mean about the 'ship has already sailed!)

Again, thank you both John and David!


Joe Herdler