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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2883] Searching for some boards (6502 v2/8088/M68K/4MB SRAM)

Yeah - I looked on the ISSI site and they are only BGA it looks - I did not realize that Mouser would make a mistake like that.  I am not a proponent of BGAs but this is an interesting video using a hot air gun to solder them  http://www.xess.com/blog/mounting-a-bga-on-a-pcb-quickly-and-cheaply/  (you could actually use the 4Mx16 which are cheap also and only need 2 of them - I have thought of making a little breakout board for these and see if it is practical or not).


On Mar 23, 2014, at 5:10 PM, John Monahan <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:

I remember looking at them. What put me off was the actual datasheet only describes them in a BGA format.  This happened me before with Mouser, their catalogue picture is generic and does not illustrate the actual chips.  “Toaster ovens” are probably too risky for us to use!


If they actually come in a  TSOP-I format they would probably line up OK. All these chips BTW, have a NC pin reserved --  I assume for 2MX16 or 4MX8 varieties someday.





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Hi John,


Just curious have you looked at the  IS66WV1M16DBLL-55BLI  at mouser?  The 1M x 16 and a whole lot cheaper than the chips you are using and you would still only need 8 of them and they are TSOP 44 as well.  You could map even/odd bytes with the LB/UB signals.  I would assume most processors that are going to use the 16M are going to be 16bit processors so 16 bit transfers would be the norm.


BTW - if you want some help with the boards I would go in with you for a couple of the prototypes to do some testing as well.