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RE: [N8VEM-S100:907] oscilloscope recommendation

I really would recommend a Saleae or USBee logic analyzer over a scope for
these boards. You often need to see multiple lines at once.

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Are you sure you want a scope and not a logic analyzer?

A pretty good, and modestly priced logic analyzer

The software can run in demo mode so you can test drive before you buy.

I find I use my logic analyzer far more often than I use my scope.

Of course there are times when you need an analog scope. Personally I have a
antique Tektronix RM 565 ( like this one -
http://www.wrljet.com/tektronix/RM565/565_01_RJP.jpg ) that I keep wishing
will die so I can get something new (and weighs less than 50 pounds), but
the darned thing just keeps going, and I have a spare CRT and vertical amp
module, so I'll probably die before it will.

- --Mike

On 07/10/2012 12:59 AM, norwestrzh wrote:
> My old scope was sold by JDR (San Jose, CA.).  It was cheaply made (in 
> Korea), and that is why I could afford it.  It was 35 MHz, dual trace.  
> Probably had way more capability than I'd ever need.  I would be using 
> a scope to troubleshoot the S-100 cards produced by John and Andrew.  
> Probably 10 to 12 MHz would be the fastest signal I'd ever be looking 
> at.  For example, I was trying to get the ZFDC card working.  The 
> enables on the two bus interface LS244s (U16 and
> U25) remained high during I/O even though the LS682 (U23) and the
> LS139 (U19) appeared to be working as expected (using a logic probe).  
> I tracked this problem back to the LS32 (U20).  The two inputs to the 
> gate were wiggling (as expected), but the output remained high.  The 
> chip was OK, so I was going to look at the relative timings of the two 
> inputs.  That's when my scope died.

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