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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6564] Re: Wordstar questions

Thanks, David.

I have downloaded Tera Term and will check it out.


Bob Bell



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Hi Bob,


not sure if it will help you but you could try 'Tera Term', it was popular back in the days when I was playing with cisco switches.





David Fry

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 3:10:09 AM UTC, Bob Bell wrote:

I still use Wordstar v3 for occasional, quick edits on files directly on my S-100 CP/M v2.2 machines.  Up until today, I have been using a Fulcrum Computer IVI S-100-based video terminal that emulates a Soroc IQ-120, and a Heath H19.  Both of these terminals have installation/configuration options for them in the Wordstar Install program.  However, I am now using my new CP/M machine in an area where I don't have the Heath H19, and its not conducive to moving it.  So, I have the computer connected to the serial port on an old Win98 machine running Hyperterminal.  (I could also run it on a Win7 box with a serial port.)  However, Hyperterminal runs an ANSI/VT/100 emulation and I cannot tell which, if any, of the terminals that are possible to setup in Wordstar will work with Hyperterminal.  Does anyone know which one to use?  Here is the list from Wordstar:

Beehive 150 / Cromemco 3100
Hewlett Packard 2621
Perkin-Elmer 550
Infoton I-100
Microterm ACT IV or V
Visual 200
Flashwriter I or II
Televideo 912, 920 or 950
ADDS Regent 20, 25, 40, 45, 60, 65 or Viewpoint
Intertec Superbrain
Lear-Siegler ADM-3A or ADM-31
Hazeltine 1500 or 1420
Soroc IQ-120 or 140
Compucolor 8001G
TEC model 571
Heath/Zenith H89/H19

Wordstar can also be customized with control codes and escape sequences.  However, the manual I have is for Wordstar v3.3, and I cannot figure out how to get into the customization section.  If I did, I know the VT-100 codes to put in.  So, if you would have any insight into how to customize Wordstar, I would be grateful to hear from you too.

Finally, if I could find a Windows 7 compatible terminal emulation program that will work like one of the terminals in the list above, through a com port, I could use that instead of Hyperterminal.  Do you have one to recommend?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Bob Bell

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