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RE: [N8VEM-S100:854] The S-100 ZFDC board PCBs are here!

Hi Robert and Brad,


The S-100 waiting list is really sort of a “gentleman’s agreement” and there is nothing binding about it.  It functions as more of a loose guideline than anything else.  Builders request boards and have to drop off all the time.  It’s real life and I get it.


The way I see the S-100 waiting list is that it is a measure of the community interest and I’ll notify the group and the individuals once a board arrives.  However there is no consequence if someone doesn’t get the board they requested.  Frequently other builders jump in to get boards after the order is made so as long as they all go out it is OK with me.


Almost all of the builders honor the S-100 waiting list and the Yin and the Yang of “drop outs” versus “last minute jumpers” balance each other out for the most part.  It works well enough for our purposes at least for the really popular boards. 


Some of the lesser known or new boards can tend to sit around for a while so I’ll post those on eBay.  With the exception of the accidental double order (my fault) of the S-100 Serial IO boards they’ve all found their homes and that’s what matters.  Even the S-100 Serial IO board PCB stack is starting to diminish which is good news!


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


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HI Robert and thanks.  I am very amateur on this stuff so I don't want to take away from anyone's project. So, If there is a spare I would gladly pay for it. 


Brad Barnett

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 7:22 PM, Robert <gst...@indy.net> wrote:

Hi Brad,

I had said that I'd be interested in 3 boards when they became available, but I also told Andrew that I'd be happy to give up one of the boards if someone else needed one.

Andrew: If Brad would like one of my 3 boards, that would be fine. I just need to know so I can pay you for either  2 or for 3 boards. I definitely want the boards, but I thought I'd hang back a little to see if someone else might need one. (I know how it feels because I missed my chance the first time around.)

 Please hold at least 2 boards for me, and if Brad gets "my" extra board, I'll Paypal you as soon as I find out.

Thank you,

Robert Greenstreet




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Not sure if I made it onto the list but I will pay for one if you got a spare.


Brad Barnett

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:35 PM, lynchaj <lyn...@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi!  Good news!  The S-100 ZFDC board PCBs are here!  These are the
intelligent floppy drive controller designed by John Monahan which
were very popular last year.



The PCBs are $20 each with $3 shipping in the US and $6 elsewhere.
Please send a PayPal to LYN...@YAHOO.COM and I'll send your boards
right away!

I appreciate your patience as we work through the issues of late.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

PS, next up is the S-100 4MB SRAM board (I think, need to check the
waiting list) and then the S-100 backplane PCBs