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S-100 board status

Hi!  Here is the latest status on S-100 board development

1.  S-100 6502 CPU board;  Rich's design works great!  There is
prototype built and tested by Neil.  Seems to be working well with
corrections identified.  Probably ready for a general release soon if
not right away.

2.  S-100 8086 CPU board; designed and ready to go pending its
completion of PCB trace routing.  Should be done soon.  John has done
three (I think) build and test prototype boards so I think this one
should be good to go soon.

3.  S-100 80286 CPU board; made an initial board for build and test
however discovered a major flaw in the PCB.  It turns out the PGA/PLCC
socket used by Intel for 80286 CPU is different from a PLCC-68 socket
layout.  Design updated and ready for another prototype board in the
near future.  Cannot estimate when this board will be ready for
general release though until we see a successful build and test.

4.  S-100 68K CPU board; second prototype board released to build and
test team (Pontus, Mike, John, & Neil) and awaiting build and test
results.  Assuming this prototype works with few if any changes, I
expect this board to be ready for general release soon.  All we need
is some final confirmation whether the board actually works or not
with the changes from the first prototype board.

5.  S-100 PC-AT board; AKA the MS-DOS support board.  John and I are
working on a design.  We've captured a schematic and PCB layout.  It
looks pretty solid so we should go for an initial build and test
prototype fairly soon.  John has built a BIOS for his S-100 8086 CPU
system which boots MS-DOS 4.01.  This board should make MS-DOS/FreeDOS
support a *lot* easier.

6.  S-100 VGA board; John has been laboring on this design for a
while.  He recently sent me a design so I will make up a PCB.  Still
on the "to do" list.

7. S-100 VDP board; Pontus and I were working on this V9938/V9958
video board and went back and forth a bit.  This project is on a bit
of a hiatus pending more availability for us to work on this.  There
is a notional design available if anyone would like to discuss.

Comments, thoughts, ideas always welcome.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch