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Re: [N8VEM-S100:444] S-100 board status

WOW!! Thank you for all these wonderful boards.

Keep up the great work!!

Robert Greenstreet

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>Subject: [N8VEM-S100:444] S-100 board status
>Hi!  Here is the latest status on S-100 board development
>1.  S-100 6502 CPU board;  Rich's design works great!  There is
>prototype built and tested by Neil.  Seems to be working well with
>corrections identified.  Probably ready for a general release soon if
>not right away.
>2.  S-100 8086 CPU board; designed and ready to go pending its
>completion of PCB trace routing.  Should be done soon.  John has done
>three (I think) build and test prototype boards so I think this one
>should be good to go soon.
>3.  S-100 80286 CPU board; made an initial board for build and test
>however discovered a major flaw in the PCB.  It turns out the PGA/PLCC
>socket used by Intel for 80286 CPU is different from a PLCC-68 socket
>layout.  Design updated and ready for another prototype board in the
>near future.  Cannot estimate when this board will be ready for
>general release though until we see a successful build and test.
>4.  S-100 68K CPU board; second prototype board released to build and
>test team (Pontus, Mike, John, & Neil) and awaiting build and test
>results.  Assuming this prototype works with few if any changes, I
>expect this board to be ready for general release soon.  All we need
>is some final confirmation whether the board actually works or not
>with the changes from the first prototype board.
>5.  S-100 PC-AT board; AKA the MS-DOS support board.  John and I are
>working on a design.  We've captured a schematic and PCB layout.  It
>looks pretty solid so we should go for an initial build and test
>prototype fairly soon.  John has built a BIOS for his S-100 8086 CPU
>system which boots MS-DOS 4.01.  This board should make MS-DOS/FreeDOS
>support a *lot* easier.
>6.  S-100 VGA board; John has been laboring on this design for a
>while.  He recently sent me a design so I will make up a PCB.  Still
>on the "to do" list.
>7. S-100 VDP board; Pontus and I were working on this V9938/V9958
>video board and went back and forth a bit.  This project is on a bit
>of a hiatus pending more availability for us to work on this.  There
>is a notional design available if anyone would like to discuss.
>Comments, thoughts, ideas always welcome.  Thanks and have a nice day!
>Andrew Lynch