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Altair Cyclops Info Wanted

I am looking for someone who has an Altair Cyclops camera who is willing help out with some information.  I have the Cromemco CCC controller cards and I'm thinking of trying to purchase or build a replica of the Altair camera to go with them. A copy of the Cyclops assembly manual with schematics would be fantastic. Pictures of the outside of the camera and both sides of the boards would be helpful.

I have a copy of the 1975 Popular Electronics that describes building a camera kit supplied by Garland and Melen, who founded Cromemco, This was the start of their business and the basis for the Altair camera. Unfortunately the article gives no details on the light sensor chips used. The article talks about 32x32 (.001 megapixel) light sensor chips, MOS devices that have had their covers replaced with glass. Does anyone have any idea what these devices are/were?

I don't suppose anyone has a Cyclops they would part with??

Any help or lead is appreciated. You can email me off line at john at johnparsons dot net.