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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5809] Re: NKK Switches for Mini FP

Hi Don,
That sounds good. Please disregard my previous message about the brackets as this is very cost effective. Please put me down for quantity 4. BTW, do you still have any Mini FP Boards left? I think I will purchase another if you still have inventory. I can send you the money for the PCB and the the brackets at the same time after you figure out the quantity you need to order. Thank you!

On 12/9/2014 9:46 PM, Don Caprio wrote:

So this is some good news. I sent my PCB bracket design to PCBCart for a quote. Turns out we can do this brackets for $1.26 each, quantity 50 plus tooling ($20) and shipping. So for $5.00 I could get everyone one bracket or better yet Qty 100 they drop to $.84 cents and you can get two. This price is hard to beat. I don't think we can do any
better. If go nuts, qty 200 are .58 cents!