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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6153] May I have a folder ?

Hi Todd --

>> Mediacom took away my personal web space.

>> May I have a folder on N8VEM-S100 ?

>> Just to upload some of my project pic's
>> of Crusty's IMSAI CPU board.

Don't know how you feel about Google (some people hate/fear them!), but they have a free Web site service.  AND, it is truly free, and free of a lot of the Web advertising, etc.  It isn't fancy.  I was looking for a place for my Web content last year.  My old ISP (speakeasy.net) carried my Web page for many years, but another company (MegaPath) took them over, and ruined the whole deal.  So, I looked around a bit.  Found Google, and 1and1.  1and1 isn't free, but it is pretty low cost.  Much more fancy than Google, but I find that it just doesn't suit my style of content (projects and software download).  Google is better (IMO), but have a look at both.  My web page is at http://sites.google.com/site/oldcpusrus.  Don't remember exactly how I got started with them, but if you look around some at http://sites.google.com/, you will probably find out how to set things up?

Hope this helps.