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Re: [N8VEM-S100:679] First CP/M-68 release

Nice going John!

On 01/22/2012 11:51 PM, John Coffman wrote:
> I have created a folder on the Wiki for the first release of the ECB
> mini-M68k CPU board CP/M-68 ROM.  There are two .BIN files for large and
> small EPROM or Flash chips.  The larger has quite a few utilities in the
> ROMdisk.
> Start with the 0README.TXT file for the hardware requirements needed to
> install this release.  Source code for CP/M-68 (gcc build) and BIOS ROM
> (gcc build) are included.  The separate 68k(1).zip file contains the
> original binary release of the utility programs for CP/M-68.  This
> includes the Alcyon C-compiler and linker.
> This release includes:
>         CP/M-68 version 1.2 from DRI (I'm looking for 1.3)
>         CP/M-68 utilities 1.3 from DRI (many bug fixes over 1.2)
>         board BIOS 0.9
> Hard disk support (Compact Flash cards recommended) includes using the
> partition table for CP/M partitions, and CP/M-68 support for partitions
> up to 512Mb.  CP/M-68 allows up to 16 lettered virtual hard drives, A to P.
> --John