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Re: Propeller console IO board

Hi Josh,
I was able to follow along also. However, I am not sure how to do any programming.  Now my concern is the following.

Many programs like word processors can be configured to work with the VT100 terminal. The VT100 is pretty common. So I think that the VT100 emulator on the console IO should be as compatible as possible.  Even if the BOLD, UNDERLINE, and BLINKING are not supported I think that REVERSE VIDEO should have the correct escape sequence.  According to documentation that I have the sequence should be ESC[7m. 

I  have also checked on the sequence for cursor control and everything seems to match with the sequence for the VT100.

How hard would it be to modify the .spin programs so that REVERSE VIDEO has the correct code?



On Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:07:38 AM UTC-4, hl...@aol.com wrote:
Hi all,

Just finished the propeller console IO board and I have it running with the 8080A CPU board with Josh's rev 2.4 ROM. I downloaded the firmware to run the screen and keyboard as a VT100 terminal. That works pretty well but some of the ESC codes for screen control don't work. Has anyone done any more programming through Parallax on the .spin programs?

Just curious.