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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6835] Re: Simple GAL programmer for GAL22V10

I just bought a Wellon VP-290 to program GALs, since I am done trying to discover how to ask AutoElectric to add support for the Atmel 22V10 GALs on their Minipro TL866A.  If I had a way to send it back for a refund, I would.  I has successfully programmed any Lattice 22V10, but Atmel is easier to get.  The Wellon has Atmel 22V10 in their support list.  Interestingly, the Wellon VP-290 looks every bit like the Needham EMP-290.  I read somewhere that Needham may have sold their programmers off to a Chinese company.  Anyone know the details?


Bob Bell



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Interestingly I ran into the same problem this past weekend...

Fortunately my Needham's EMP-11 programs GAL22V10B's just fine.

If anyone in the USA needs GAL's programmed - I'd be happy to program them at no cost (just cover the return postage).

- Gary

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