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Re: Prop I/O board - Cursor control and special functions

Hi Frank,
take a look at Briel Computers PockeTerm (Propeller based) on the link below, it seems to be a more fully implemented terminal from escape sequence/cursor control point of view, but shares some common files with the S100 Propeller board implementation.
Towards the bottom of the page you can download the current firmware that will open up in the Paralax Propeller IDE, this should help jump start you
David Fry

On Thursday, August 21, 2014 4:44:17 PM UTC+1, Frank Schieschke wrote:
Hello Ian,
i try to load ansi.sys, but the build in terminal emulation in the propeller firmware is not able to show the correct cursor control.
With loaded ansi.sys you get only characters in the upper left corner.
I think the first step is to get the ANSI cursor control in the propeller firmware.