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FP Mini Board Shipped

Most of the FP MIni PCB's were shipped today.

I did not ship any for those who requested kits, nor did I do any
international shipments.

I'm still waiting on a shipment for the remaining components. That should arrive
tomorrow so PCB's and kits will be shipped this Wednesday.

I have a pretty good idea on the best way to ship to Canada, Australia and Italy after
visiting the post office. If I keep the box to less than 36 inches I can ship first class
mail. So it looks like I'll be making individual shipments. I'll send individual  emails to
the international folks with their shipping totals. We still 30-45 days out for the switch
order. If you want your board and kit shipped now without switches let me know otherwise
I'm holding for a single shipment.

Thanks for your patience and support.

I've completing building  a board with the same components being shipped in the kits,
less the switches. Hope to have that completed tonight and start the check out and testing.

Check the N8VEM Wiki for the latest info. There a BOM up there. I may put together a users
guide time permitting.

Still missing shipping addresses for
  - Tom Owen
  - Robert Greenstreet

Don Caprio

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