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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5831] Fw: N8VEM --- New Members ---

Hi Josh,

Do I need to update to the new firmware if I don't have the propeller board? I still have a ways to go before I get my propeller board assembled. Right now I have finished the 8 slot motherboard and next I will build the FP mini.



On Sunday, December 14, 2014 10:30:57 AM UTC-5, monahanz wrote:

Hi Peter, welcome to the group. 

We are a hobby based group of people (spread actually around the world these days),  that collect and build S100 boards (and some other board configurations as well).    There is no central organization or person “in charge”.  I and a few others design and produce new S100 boards (at our own expense) and when done, typically do a “group purchase” of a new board.  These are bare boards which must then be stocked with chips etc.  Typically I provide basic build/testing instructions and if needed, basic software.   


This process has now being going on for a few years with the number of boards well into the 100’s.   The major ones are listed here:-



In many cases updated versions of the boards were/are being made.   Unfortunately it is difficult for new people like you to get started since many by now already have the basic starting boards. 


However from time to time a new “run” of an old board is done.  It needs somebody to organize and arrange a run.  This is more trouble than you might think.  The boards are usually made by a (Chinese) group call PCBCart for us.   The required Gerber files are available at the bottom of each board’s description on the S100Computers web page or here:-



To get you started it is probably best you follow this forum


From time to time a board run is proposed by a member.  Later when you are more experienced, you could start one yourself.


Hope the above helps.

John Monahan


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Hi, Andrew! I am interested in almost all of your S100 boards. What is the current status for completed boards?

Peter Cole, Altona, Manitoba, Canada

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