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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5353] A New S100 Video MSX compatible board.

Hi John,
Could you please put me on your list for one board?

By the way - I've noticed a few typos on the S100 computers VDP page. Under "overview" you have "generate tan MSX style video display" - shouldn't that be "generate 'the' MSX style video display"? A little further down it has "Please note the 64 pins on the V9938 have a 0.75" spacing." Shouldn't that be 0.070" spacing (the data-sheet here http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/pdf/yamaha/Yamaha_V9938_MSX-Video_Technical_Data_Book_Aug85.pdf) shows 1.778 mm pin pitch)? Near the bottom of the description of the first board version there is the word "RAMDEC" which should probably be "RAMDAC".
Cheers, Ian.