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A New S100 Video MSX compatible board.

Guys I'm about to place a board production order for a MSX - VDP S100 video
board.    This is a video board that is constructed to allow one to utilize
some of the Z80 software for the MSX computers from way back. Please see
here for a brief introduction and some early history.


The project itself has a long and convoluted history with some of us.
Initially proposed by Andrew and others probably over two years ago, there
were a number of "challenges" actually getting VGA style video outputs.   In
the end it became clear that the most practical way to get VGA style video
from the Yamaha V9938 was to use an external RGB to VGA converter box/board.
These are still fairly common and easy to interface.     The board uses the
same video and sound chips/ports as those used in the original MSX
computers.   Interestingly there are still people that program (games) for
these systems.  See for example:-


That said, this board is in dire need of programming support.   Only two
rudimentary test routines are supplied by me with the hardware and are on
the above web page.

I would like to acknowledge the big help of Leon Byles (Australia)  and Neil
Breeden  is figuring out the final circuits for this board and helping with
the (3) prototype boards. Also of course Andrew in doing the early prototype
KiCAD drawings.   

I am attaching a picture of the final KiCAD layout drawing.  (This BTW is my
second complete KiCAD board -- finally gotten the hang of the software! )
The .exe Freerouter converged to a final layout in 1 hour!

Anyway as I said , I'm going to order 3 boards for myself, and while this is
a very specialized board and probably not of general use,  I'm open to
adding others to the order list.  In all probability this will be a onetime
order event.   Will have the board done by PCBCart  running probably
somewhere in the high $ teens/board .  


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