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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4828] Group Purchase - FPMini Front Panel Switches


I am good for 2 sets of NKK switches and 2 boards.  I will paypal you an advance, we can settle the bill once you have the final numbers.


Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 13:58:05 -0700
From: ilv...@gmail.com
To: n8vem...@googlegroups.com
Subject: [N8VEM-S100:4828] Group Purchase - FPMini Front Panel Switches

First the good news. NKK is still selling the mini paddle switches I used for the
FPMini  board. Bad news is they only have 130 Red paddles and 30
blue paddles. We can still order the switches however it will take 10-12 week
lead time for order to be filled. The switches are not in high demand (surprise).
Unlikely distributers will have stock.

I received requests for 15 sets. I got a quote for 20 since there
may be stragglers or interest after the fact. Were not close to the
next price break so another 5 or 10 sets may not help.

These NKK switches are super nice. High quality. My first board had
Chinese mini toggles and two went out in short order and had to be
replaced. You would think there's not much to go wrong with a switch
but I can assure you there is a big difference.

Strain relief on these toggles is a must for long life. I've experimented
with a couple brackets and am close to a final design for my custom

Price quote for 20 sets:

QTY   PART-NO                 DESC                              PER UNIT
 160 M2012TNW03-EC, ON-NONE-ON RED      $3.69    
 160 M2012TNW03-EG, ON-NONE-ON BLUE     $3.69    
  30 M2018TNW03-EC, (ON)-OFF-(ON) RED   $5.25    
  45 M2018TNW03-EG, (ON)-OFF-(ON) BLUE  $5.25    


Are there alternatives? Perhaps. I spent many hours searching for
alternatives. Please feel free to search and update the group if
you find a better source.

There is an alternative for the 16 address switches, however they are
white in color. If you don't mind the color they are a good replacement.
there are available from Electronic Surplus and are only $1.50 each. 16
address switches would be $24. A savings of $35. They list 412 in stock.
I purchased a couple sets. They come with screws nuts and spacers.
he spacers area bit odd since they are too short.


Don Caprio

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