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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4828] Group Purchase - FPMini Front Panel Switches

Hi Don,
  I may take a slightly different approach to the switch population.  Over the years I have scrounged many mini paddles similar to the NKK parts in hopes of building a small computer front panel.  I have switches from American switch and C & K that fit the bill.  I have both the ON-NONE-ON & the (ON)-OFF-(ON) types., all with black paddles (see attached picture). Some of the C & K switches are missing part of the tab but even the IMSAI switches are only held in place by one tab
  The paddles are removable, similar to the large IMSAI switches with spring side tabs. They appear to take the same paddles as the NKK switch and the paddles themselves are available in different colors through Mouser, Digikey, etc. available.  I was going to go with the red & blue pattern but then it occurred to me to just replace half the paddles with red ones and leave the other half black.  The red toggles are 51 cents each while the blue ones are 68 cents each so I will go with a black & red scheme and save some money.
Here is an example of the red toggle Mouser PN  633-AT4149C <http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=AT4149Cvirtualkey63300000virtualkey633-AT4149C>  The blue toggle is the same part # with a "G" suffix instead of the "C".
Jeff Galinat

On 8/4/2014 4:58 PM, Don Caprio wrote:

Price quote for 20 sets:

QTY   PART-NO                 DESC                              PER UNIT
 160 M2012TNW03-EC, ON-NONE-ON RED      $3.69    
 160 M2012TNW03-EG, ON-NONE-ON BLUE     $3.69    
  30 M2018TNW03-EC, (ON)-OFF-(ON) RED   $5.25    
  45 M2018TNW03-EG, (ON)-OFF-(ON) BLUE  $5.25    


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