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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1029] A new S-100 6502 CPU Board

Darn, its indeed frustrating I/we did not notice this chip before now.
Thanks for pointing it out Ian. Looking at the pin-outs, it's not too big a
job to add the latching of the higher address lines with data from the 8 bit
data bus. In fact WD give an example in their data sheet.  Many of the other
pins remain the same though I have not looked at the timing signals in
detail. The fact it comes up as a 65C02 is also nice.  See data sheet

To me the issue is how many people would really like to have/use an S-100
board with this chip. One of the reasons we did the 6502 to start with was
somebody (sorry forgotten who) wanted to do a CPM like OS with the chip.
Not sure if that is still the plan.  I wrote a small 6502 monitor for the
onboard EEPROM (from scratch), got to say it was a frustrating experience.
Just could not get used to using the 8 bit only registers for RAM addressing
etc.. The lack of some instructions and strange flags behavior did not help
, just me I'm sure (been Intel brought up).

Anyway if there is a decent number of people that would use the chip I would
be prepared to do another prototype round. If not,  I suggest we kind of lay
this 65C02 to rest with the proposed production board and focus on other
(more common) 16 and 32 bit CPU's for now.

Comments welcome


John Monahan Ph.D
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Hi John, you are probably too far down the design path for the new board to
change CPU now. What I was suggesting was using the W65C816S instead of a
6502. At reset the W65C816S behaves exactly like a 6502 but when you switch
to native mode it turns into a 24 bit addressing machine with 16 bit index
registers and accumulator. The program counter is still 16 bits, the extra 8
address bits come from the program bank register. To get beyond the bottom
64K there are JMP and JSR instructions that have 24 bit address operands
(much like far calls on an 8086). There is a data bank register that
generates the top 8 address bits for data instructions.

Jameco has them for $7.95 versus $6.95 for the W65C02 so the price
difference isn't much. Unfortunately the W65C816S is not pin compatible with
the 6502 so you can't drop it in later. If you were to use the W65C816S you
would have a board that behaves exactly like a
6502 but has the ability to transform into a machine capable of natively
generating 24 bit addressing without messing around with external page

In hindsight I should have mentioned the W65C816S when you announced the
first 6502 S100 board.

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