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S-100 boards


Attached is the S-100 waiting list.  Please review and send me any changes and/or corrections.


There are two S-100 Serial IO board and five S-100 8088 CPU board PCBs available if anyone would like those.  Please let me know.


Work continues on a variety of S-100 projects.


John and I just received the initial S-100 80386 CPU board prototype for build and test.


I have reordered the S-100 SMB and S-100 bus extender PCBs and they should be here in a couple of weeks.


Next will be the initial orders of the S-100 68K CPU board and S-100 LAVA board PCBs.  There are about 20 builders waiting for the S-100 68K CPU board and about 11 for the S-100 LAVA board.  I need about 20 boards minimum to make a viable PCB manufacturing order so if you are interested in the S-100 LAVA board please let me know.




Next up will be the S-100 80286 CPU board


There are a number of prototypes in work as well. 


The S-100 6502 V2 is being modified to accept a 6809 and 6802 CPU option as well.


The S-100 VGA board is on hold pending some research on the GD5420 chip.  We’ve made and ordered an ISA prototype version of the board to help discover the secret of making this exciting chip work on the S-100 bus.


The S-100 VDP V2 project continues.  There is a second prototype board with many corrections added.  It is ready to go to prototype board soon.  If we can raise $150 I can get four prototype boards for build and test.  This is an exciting board with full color graphics, sound, and joystick support.  It offers 80 column video, a color bitmap mode, and potentially VGA output support.  However we need some volunteers to lead the build and test effort.  Thanks to Leon and Pontus for their work on this project!

The S-100 uPD7220 GDC board is designed and also ready to go to prototype.  Basically the same situation as the S-100 VDP V2.  This is a color bit map board that is VGA monitor compatible with 4 separate color planes (16 colors).  This board is kind of on the back burner but hopefully we can get to this in the fall or winter.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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