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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1207] Re: S-100 board reorders

Guys FWIW, the 68K board will also run with the 68010 CPU. This chip has the
same pinout/timing etc. It?s the way the 68K should have been all along,
with two stack pointers etc.  What I like about the 68K is how easy it is to
see RAM above 1MG. I am using it the debug 80386 code using protected mode!

Dave, on the 68360 prototype development board, if possible could we include
an "over the top" ribbon cable connector for one or more memory daughter
boards that could get us up into the gigabyte range.  I have already laid
out an initial design for the 80386  (initially just with a small static RAM
board). If we use the same address/data/control pins/lines then one memory
board could be used for both CPUs (if in fact not together) as well as other
CPU's later on.

The proposed "over the top bus" can be seen here (links at the very bottom
of the page)

And directly here:-


John Monahan Ph.D
e-mail: mon...@vitasoft.org
Text:    mon...@txt.att.net

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Hi Dave!  Thanks!  Yes, the S-100 68K CPU board is getting very close and is
in the final stage of PCB trace route optimization now.  It has had more
than its share of set backs but the more complex CPU boards seem to be
plagued with problems and a *lot* of rework.

The good news is that we are getting very close.  A big "Thank You" to John
Monahan for patience and continuing to hammer out the bugs.  I think the
S-100 68K CPU board is going to be very solid and good performing board.  I
am hoping between it and the S-100 80386 CPU board currently in development
that things bode well for more 32 bit CPU boards like 68040.  More to come!

I appreciate all your great effort and hard work.  We are making great
progress even if slow sometimes!  Thanks and have a happy holidays!

Andrew Lynch

PS, adding 10 S-100 prototyping boards definitely pushes those up the queue!
Agree the "regular, unbuffered" is a bit more generic than the buffered one.
The buffered board seems ideal for port IO type boards (the majority of
prototypes fit this category) but less flexible for CPU type boards.  Either
can be made to work though.

On Dec 20, 9:51 pm, yoda <y....@r2d2.org> wrote:
> Hi Andrew
> I would really like to see the 68K board get out of the queue - it 
> goes nicely with the work I am doing on the 68360 board.
> Also I would like to see the basic proto board get a spin as well as 
> the buffered board is not that flexible if you want to do things with 
> processors or use a different style of decoding.  You can put me down 
> for
> 10 of them if that helps move that up in the queue.
> Dave
> On Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:57:49 PM UTC-6, lynchaj wrote:
> > Hi
> > I am looking for ideas on S-100 board orders/reorders for after the 
> > S-100 LAVA PCB order arrives (imminent) and the S-100 Console IO 
> > board reorder (next).
> > The S-100 68K CPU board and S-100 80286 CPU board are the next PCB 
> > orders.  However I really don?t have a clear preference for the next 
> > board reorders.
> > I am thinking some of the common more popular boards should go next 
> > such as the S-100 IDE V2, S-100 4MB SRAM, and S-100 buffered prototyping
> > Those tend to go quickly and won?t ?plug up the system? with a bunch 
> > of unsold boards.
> > Ideas?  Comments?  Thoughts?  Please let me know.  Thanks and have a 
> > happy holidays!
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