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Re: ZFDC Controller under control of the PC-BIOS??

Hello John,
no, there is no reading at all, when trying to boot from the floppy over the 8086 monitor.
This is the output i get:
8086-80386 Active

80286 Monitor V10.32 (7/19/2014) Stack pointer = D000:FFFC

Booting MS-DOS from 5" Floppy Disk
Initilizing 8259A PIC (Port 20H, Ints 0 & 1 only)
No VGA ROM at C000:0000H
ZFDC Board Initilize OK

Floppy Sector Read Error. Error returned = 3DH

Boot sector read on floppy drive failed.

IBM PC BIOS Initilizing
Initilizing 8259A PIC (Port 20H, Ints 0 & 1 only)
No VGA ROM at C000:0000H

IBM-PC BIOS Test Menu.     (Debug Flag = OFF)
A=Timer Test             B=Propeller/LAVA/VGA    C=MS-DOS Boot (Floppy)
D=Toggle Debug Flag      E=Key Press Test        F=Consol Out Test
G=Keyboard Buffer Test   H=INT 10H CMDs          I=Print Screen Test
J=RAM Byte READ Test     K=RAM Word READ Test    L=RAM Byte WRITE Test
M=RAM Word WRITE Test    O=Out to Serial Port    P=MS-DOS Boot (HDISK)
Q=CHS Hex Display Test   S=5" Floppy Sec RD Test T=3" Floppy Sec RD Test
U=HDisk Sec RD Test      W=HDisk Sector R/W Test Y=Floppy Boot Sec Info
Z=Hard Disk MBR Info     (ESC) Back to Main Menu


The HEX display on the ZFDC controller shows "EEE13" at least.

I take a closer look at my I/O ports. Are these are normal?

Input Ports, 0-0FFFFH Ports.  (16 Bit Port DX->AX and DX->AL)

0000->00FF ->00  0001->C575 ->75  0002->C5FF ->C5  0003->FF00 ->00
000F->21FF ->FF  0010->21FF ->21  0011->FF7E ->7E  001F->01FF ->FF
0020->01FF ->00  003F->CAFF ->FF  0040->D2FF ->44  0063->00FF ->FF
0064->00FF ->00  00EF->FFFB ->FB  00FF->00FF ->FF
Continue ? (Y/N).