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Re: Interest, Discussion and R&D on a 18 Slot S100 Backplane & ATX PSU board.

Payment for shipping is sent.

Andrew B

On Thursday, May 15, 2014 8:09:02 PM UTC-7, Ants Pants wrote:
Hi All.

thought id just post here instead of sending allot of different emails to people separately. i went and got quotes from DHL and from NZ local international shipping service. the DHL quotes where ridiculous so i decided that the NZ post international shipping option was going to be the cheapest as compared to any express service. Fabio, Ian & David your boards have been shipped as i think the prices were fair enough that you would be happy with:

Fabio - $19.92 NZD 
David - $19.44 NZD
Ian - $16.71 NZD

with regard to the US/CAD guys i havnt shiped the boards yet as i wanted to "ok" the price with everyone first -> the quote from DHL was over $300 (crazy) the price i got from the NZ post office was $147 NZD. the package weighed 7kg (approx 15lb). this is approximately equal to 127USD or $6.35 US per board. everyone has paid $3 towards shipping so that makes an extra $3.35 US per board required.

in the interest of the project and as i have taken so long to send the boards to people i will pay 30% towards the extra cost of shipping the boards to everyone, so that makes it $2.34 USD per board to the US/CAD guys & Ian/Fabio/David i have worked this out for you below based on what was paid today to ship your boards today.

so.. could everyone please see the below and let me know if they are happy. and if so could you please transfer any extra funds required (figures are based on the shipping i have already taken from everyone per board ($3 US) / the total shipping to your respective location per board / my contribution to the shipping / any overpayment factored in / and an exchange rate calculation to US dollars) :

Matthew Turner: 3x Backplanes (US/CAD) - $7.02 USD
Todd Goodman: 3x Backplanes (US) - (US/CAD DISTRIBUTION) - $7.02 USD
Vince Mulhollon: 2x Backplanes (US) - - $4.68 USD
Fabio Battaglia: 1x Backplanes (Italy) - $9.96 USD
David Fry: 1x Backplane (UK) - $9.67 USD
Pete Plank: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Doug Wood: 1x Backplane (CAD) - refund (10 overpaid - 2.35) $7.65 USD
Joe Herdler: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Andrew Bingham: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Edward Sinder: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Brian Marstella: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Ian Douglas: 3x Backplane (AUS) - $3.82 USD
Alex Jacocks 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Neil Breeden: 2x Backplanes (US) - $5 credit - refund $2.65 USD
Richard Bromagem: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD
Rob Doyle: 1x Backplane (US) - $2 credit = $0.35
Gary Kaufman: 1x Backplane (US) - $2.35 USD

if all the US/CAD guys are cool with this i will ship monday :-)

again im sorry it has taken so long to get around to shipping these items. i will get a BOM and the small fix documented and up on the wiki site in the next few days.

Thanks Guys!