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Re: Newbie about to start building my first S100 system

Thanks to you all for the feedback ! I'd great to be part of a community of S100 fanatics, there are not many out there ! 

Considering your valuable comments , I think I will head towards switched PSU's,  buy the OWLS probe - it's 50 USD, so price is right and it's part of the fun to see those signals though an analyzer no ? I also spotted an eBay auction, including several S100 boards, one of which is a "Z80 CPU board with the identifier NSCC8303-0203-2n" ... the seller says this should be a NorthStar one, I fidn it interesting as it apparently has a EPROM on board and it comes with a RAM card, serial board (Scottie Systems ???) plus more stuff (Flashwriter and a wrapped board) for US$ 233 which looks not too bad ? What do you think ?
Have you heard about this Z80 board already ? I searched through the S100computers website but could find something similar...

thanks for your help ! 

Le jeudi 8 mai 2014 23:11:20 UTC+2, Edmund Cramp a écrit :
If you are simply building boards from this group then you should not need a logic analyzer - I didn't have one when I built my first system years ago using just a CPU board (SSM if I remember correctly) and a simple 2k monitor EPROM on a serial IO board with 4k static memory.  Fault finding was done with a TTL test proble but a scope is always handy to have.

In those days we saved our programs to cassette tape!