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Re: [N8VEM-S100:243] Bootstrapping Lunux on the S100/68K...

You are correct. And if i'm not misstaken the new serial cards have connectors that are compatible with pc connectors. Allowing you to use standard pc dsub assemblies.

mike <mi...@pikeaero.com> wrote:

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>A minor correction:
>Actually I should probably support the N8VEM/S100Computers.com async
>card as I just re-read about it, and it does have an option to bring out
>both of the serial ports (am I correct?). This would be the minimal
>configuration I would be looking for so that you can have one as the
>console, and the other as your TCP/IP (SLIP/PPP) link.
>So, Andrew if you have any serial port boards, I'll take one, or you can
>put me down for one if you don't have any on hand.
>I have an 8-port board ready to go to prototype printing but I don't
>want to get side tracked with that at this stage.
>Kind Regards,
>Mike Sharkey
>On 11-06-02 10:22 PM, mike wrote:
>>    1.2) Hack up a device driver for the Interfacer-4 async card.
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