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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5909] S100 Boards for sale

Hi Tom,
Do you happen to still have the RTC + PIC board? I'd like to buy it.

My mail is the usual hkzlabnet AT gmail DOT com


On Dec 29, 2014 3:08 PM, "Tom Lafleur" <laf...@lafleur.us> wrote:
Just a reminder, I have these boards as extra.... If you need any of these, I'm sure we can work something out...

Looks like I have more boards than
I need....
I was going to build a 2nd system with a few spares, but one is enough...
$20 each + $4 shipping for two boards
more that two boards, is $7 shipping...
and Canada
, other ask for shipping cost

Here what I have...

2 each S-100 Ram&Rom
version 1
1 each S-100 Priority Interrupt Controller and Real Time Clock Board
(no version number)
2 each S-100 Buffered Prototype Board
Version 2
1 each S-100 Bus Terminator
Version 1
1 each S-100 Console I/O
Version 1
1 each S-100 Z80 Master board
version 1
1 each S-100 Eprom, Version 1
1 each S-100 Don Caprio Mini Front Panel board, (no version number) Sep 11, 2014
1 each S-100 Bus extender, version 2

11 board in one lot for $185 + $7 shipping
USA and Canada only, other ask for shipping cost

~~ _/) ~~~~ _/) ~~~~ _/) ~~~~ _/) ~~

Tom Lafleur

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