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Re: Propeller console IO board

Hi Harold,
please find the two files I modified. this is actually rather simple : 
- the 800x600 mode is obtained by un-commenting the constant definition in VGA_Hires_text.spin
- the constant in VGA_1024 need also to modified to reflect the above changes. in that file, I also changed the setcolor and cursor[2] statements to change the color scheme and cursor appearance, but you can leave that unchanged if your OK with the original colour and cursor

the fact that you miss the forst column when also be due to your monitor, I noticed that my LCD screen picture position needs to be tweaked a bit.


Le dimanche 22 mars 2015 15:11:25 UTC+1, hl...@aol.com a écrit :
Hi Philippe,

I would like to make the same changes that you did to get to 800x600.  I made changes to VGA_HiRes_Text.spin to change from 640x480 to 800x600. Then I changed VGA_1024 to get cols=100 and rows=50. I also changed Lcols=cols/5 (was/4) and Lchars=chars/5(was /4).

I then compiled consoleIO and wrote to the EPROM.  When I booted up I did get the right character size for 100 columns by 50 rows, but I am missing the first column!
Is there any chance that you could give me some more details on what you did.  I am new at this so any help would be great.



On Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:07:38 AM UTC-4, hl...@aol.com wrote:
Hi all,

Just finished the propeller console IO board and I have it running with the 8080A CPU board with Josh's rev 2.4 ROM. I downloaded the firmware to run the screen and keyboard as a VT100 terminal. That works pretty well but some of the ESC codes for screen control don't work. Has anyone done any more programming through Parallax on the .spin programs?

Just curious.


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