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Unbuffered Prototype Board -- is it time for a buy?

I asked last year about a group-buy of the *un*buffered prototype board, but we didn't achieve critical mass.  Perhaps we're there now.  Or perhaps not.  Could I see a "show of hands" (yes, more than two hands to a customer are allowed :->) to see if we're closer to critical mass now?

Thank you, and now back to our regularly scheduled development(s) ...

On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 12:49 PM, Andrew Lynch <LYN...@yahoo.com> wrote:





We are going to do more rounds of new boards soon (S-100 16MB SRAM, S-100 MS-DOS Support board, S-100 80286 CPU V2, S-100 8 bit SVGA, S-100 VDP, plus some other unannounced boards in the queue). 


Normally there would be a lot more PCB reorders but of late there have been many PCB respins which have delayed the PCB reorders. 


I encourage everyone to develop their own S-100 PCBs.  Antony has been working on an 18 slot S-100 backplane and that is great news.  Any builder can make their own board so please get out the idea generator and think of what you project you would like to make.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch



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