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Re: chamfer etc.

On one of the board build pages on S100computers.com, it talks about beveling the edges of the boards with a file. I forget which one it was - I think it was one of the really early boards.

PCB manufacturers deal in volume and the quantities we hobbyists usually buy are still in the realm of being prototype boards in terms of volume to most PCB places.  Andrew L. would know better than me but I suspect asking them to bevel the edges would be a significant cost increase because it is a different machine setup from the one used to route out the boards.  The way we are able to get the boards at the cost they are is by staying within the set parameters of the process the companies offer, so they don't have to change things all the time -it's all CNC machined with standard tools and setups.


On Monday, April 14, 2014 8:55:12 PM UTC-7, curt mayer wrote:
I just got a pair of the new serial card blanks, and they are indeed gorgeous.  However, I did notice that they lacked something I noticed in the morrow and compupro cards I've also got:  they don't chamfer the edge card connector or the 4 sharp corners at the bottom, right and left, of the connector, and the extreme right and left lower corners.  I don't have a problem with breaking out the old diamond file and breaking that hard corner, but If the card builder cuts the card, they could knock off these sharp corners, too.  Is this an oversight, or is it deemed unimportant.  It is specified in Ieee696.

That said, I'm no whiner.  These are clearly a labor of love, and I'm honored to be a part of this movement.   Being a hardcore unix weenie for the past 30 years, my particular interests include the magical Morrow MPZ-80 and the Z280, both extremely powerful protected-memory z80's.   I worked at unisoft, where we had cromemco's with honest to god S-100 ethernet cards, since we did the unix port to the 68010 and 68020 cpu's, as well as DUAL machines.